Friday, December 9, 2011

Paper 7 - Anglo Irish Literature of 20th Century

James Joyce - Dubliners
D H Lawrence - Women In Love
T S Eliot - Burnt Norton from Four Quartets (Yohoo MumUni for choosing a masterpiece and diverting from the trend of having obscure books from great writers!!)
John Synge - Riders To The Sea


  1. kindly let me know if i need to prepare more than one poet for this paper..will doing the section on w.b.yeats be enough for attempting q3? pls pls the question paper available on this site refers to old syllabus..

  2. Dear Anon, some of the questions papers have been posted on the site. I would suggest you join the Facebook forum where there are some current students. All the best!

  3. i have been a follower on fb since last year. how do i post a msg for help there?? - nisha bidawatka

  4. Dear Nisha, Mostly if u can see my wall, you can post on my timeline. If not perhaps adding me would work. :)