Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Paper 3 - ebooks - Renaissance To Augustan Age

Here are few links of ebooks/etexts recommended for the syllabus.

William Congreve The Way Of The World
This is the etext for Alexander Pope's The Dunciad, but the page his other works too, so you will have to search for the poem, here.


  1. Hi! Can you pls tell me what selective study we can do for ques 2 in this paper 3? So far I have done the Metaphysical and Cavalier poets, and Mac Flacknoe. What else do I need to do? Thanks in advance!

  2. can somebody plzzzzz help me with background answers for p3 and p4...i desperately need them...........
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  3. Can anyone plz help me with the notes on literature from Renaissance to Augustus age? How to go about?

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